Three Wheeled Recumbent Bikes -

Three Wheeled Recumbent Bikes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of recumbent bikes, you might ask? In this article we will try to give you detailed answer, so you can make a thoughtful decision. First of all, let us figure out what does a “recumbent bike” mean. This is a type of a bike in which your legs are placed parallel to the ground. The current configuration creates less aerodynamic resistance with the help of the higher position of legs. Moreover, there is no pressure on arms and you have a better visibility, which makes your trip more save and enjoyable.


The aerodynamic “problem” of a traditional, diamond-shaped bike is in the following. At the speed of 15 miles per hour a person spends 90 % of energy for negotiation the energy of air and only 10 % for spinning pedals. In fact, it is not really comfortable. Everyone who likes to ride fast will prove it. The only one advantage of traditional bikes under three wheeled recumbent bikes is that they are more efficient for going uphill. That’s it! In any other case your recumbent friend will be much more profitable. If you start a small investigation (on the Internet, for example) you will find out that every world speed record for the category of bikes belongs to recumbent.




A regular recumbent bike gives you a really comfortable seat without any unnatural neck positions. If you take a ride on a recumbent bike and after that on a regular one you’ll feel the difference and understand owners of the first. Another advantage is more efficient system of braking, because in this position you can push back the pedals harder, which gives you up to 20 % of saving energy. As we mentioned above, traditional bikes are better to overcome hills, but when you go downhill a recumbent bike can produce velocity of 50 m/h (a regular bike – only 35 m/h). Also, there is one more peculiarity of three wheeled recumbent bikes – the front wheel has a fewer diameter that the back ones. Because of its less weight, it helps to reduce air resistance at a very high speed. To tell the truth, many people ignore recumbent bikes due to strange shape. A recumbent looks quiet weird on the streets, but it’s only a visual feeling. In fact, there are much more convent aspects.


One more reason of some “unpopularity” is low producing pace and not knowing that these bikes can produce very high velocity. There are not really too many producing companies of recumbent bikes. There about 20 in States and about 30 in Europe. In comprising to the number of producing companies of traditional bikes it’s too few. The price of a reliable bike starts from 500 $ and above. Real fans can order bikes for even 10 000 $. Concluding our article we want to sum up that recumbent bikes have dozens of advantages and only one disadvantage. While choosing a bike, remember, thousands of people have changed traditional bikes to the three wheeled recumbent bikes, and only a few people changed recumbent to a traditional one.