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Three Wheeled Bikes

These days, the bikes have become more than transportation; they are simply complete fun and functionality. Typically, each of us discovers cycling in childhood, but later this may be a sort of leisure entertainment with your entire family, from kids to grandparents. If you truly live cycling, we are ready to share all about noteworthy three-wheeled bikes, which are hitting the market and are custom made for modern bikers. In short, you are welcomed into the world of exclusive information about trikes, tricycles, or just 3-wheeled vehicles for the best deal that fits your needs, body and budget!

Three-Wheel Bikes: Let’s Get Acquainted!

Trike’ is an abbreviation from tricycle, or a three-wheeled vehicle. There is a misconception that it can be used only by young children. In the U.S.A and Canada, for example, the adults use tricycles for exercise, shopping and recreation almost every day. Asian and African trikes are called ‘pedicabs’ and they transport passengers, freight and deliveries. Speaking of the Philippines, a tricycle is a public vehicle for-hire. It consists of a motorcycle plus an attached sidecar for passengers. Sometimes, people confuse such vehicles with unmotorized three-wheeled pedicabs called ‘trisikads’. In general, three-wheeled bikes can be human-powered (pedals or hand cranks), motorized (powered by engines), scooters (with automatic transmission), or even electric ones (with electric motors).


1 Story of Success since 1655

  • The 1st design for a three-wheeled bike was made by Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century. But everything actually started from a disabled German Stephan Farffler and his hand-controlled wheelchair, built in 1655. As far as he wanted to maintain his mobility and was a watch-maker, his invention looked like a vehicle powered by hand cranks.
  • In 1789, a 3-wheeled vehicle was developed by two French inventors, who powered it by pedals and called it “a tricycle”.
  • The very first inventor to patent the designing of tricycles (1818) was the British Denis Johnson. Then the vehicle continued developing into the plenty of types from different manufacturers.
  • The first tricycle with front steering was manufactured in 1881 in England and costed £18.
  • Initially, three-wheeled bikes were used by those riders feeling not very comfortable on high wheelers, for example, the women in long dresses.
  • There are thousands of trike enthusiasts all over the world called “trikies”. In the UK they even have Tricycle Association, which was formed in 1929.

What about 3-Wheeled Design?



Tricycles are usually uprights, tadpoles or recumbent deltas. Thus, upright varieties resemble a two-wheeled bicycle, with a traditional diamond frame, but with 2 widely spaced back wheels (called delta) [1] or 2 front wheels (called tadpole) [2]. In both configurations, the rider straddles the frame. Recumbent delta models are similar to uprights with 2 wheels at the back and 1 at the front, but they have a recumbent layout. That means the rider is seated like in a chair, where the front wheel is used for steering. Tadpole layouts or reverse trikes come in a recumbent design with 2 steered front wheels and 1 driven back wheel. This particular design is rapidly becoming top popular among the bicyclists who are rather tired of pain from normal upright bikes. Except these three classes, there are also various conversion sets, offering the freedom of choosing any donor bicycle frame. Another way of categorizing is the rider, whether an adult or a child.

Strengths & Weaknesses of 3 Wheels

1. High-mass tricycles can boast amazing comfort, cornering, stability, terminal velocity and rider stamina. Besides, trikes are loved by adults with problems riding bicycles and elderly people worrying about falls. Finally, such vehicles need no kickstand.

2. This type of three wheel bike are always heavy by weight, especially deltas. As for the tadpole trikers, their low riding position can make them difficult to mount. Visibility in traffic also matters and is much debated, along with unusual appearance that often draws attention. An often-noted recumbent problem is poor climbing ability.  What to say, tricycles are a continuous special purpose. Some trikes are designed for transporting children, load carrying, racing, comfort, and others are fully devoted for all weather delivery services, food vending, transporting trade tools, airport cargo handling, mail and so more. Whichever your own purpose to purchase three-wheeled bikes is, being a modern ‘cycle rickshaw’ is good, great and unbelievable… We wish you made the smartest type & style choice in your personnel moving!


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